There's a $300B problem with Employee Happiness

Employee happiness is getting worse all the time. Unhappy employees are expensive and your biggest competitive threat.

ALL2 has cracked the code to employee happiness at scale.

Our changing workforce

The Changing workforce


of our workforce

will be made up of Millennials or younger by 2025


of this generation

would never work for an organization that doesn't align with their values


would much rather

earn $40,000 at a job they love, than accept $100,000 to do job they find boring

Workplace happiness is elusive

Yet workplace happiness remains elusive

Everyone agrees on the benefits of workplace happiness - but we're still no closer to getting there.

Over 70% of employees are not engaged

Only 29% of the workforce feel happy and engaged. Even more shockingly - 19% are Actively Disengaged and acting out their unhappiness to purposely undermine what their engaged coworkers accomplish.

Employee turnover is rapidly increasing

In just the last few years, the average length of tenure has halved as employees vote with their feet. Google and Amazon both struggle to keep fulltime employees for more than 13 months, while in 2018 41 million people - a full 27% of the workforce - voluntarily quit their jobs.

$300 billion - $600 billion

lost each year in the US alone 

due to turnover, lack of productivity, and lost customers
as a result of unhappy and unengaged employees.

Happy employees matter more than ever 

Striving for a happy workforce isnt just the right thing to do - happiness significantly impacts your bottom line, and your ability hire and retain the best people. Happy employees:

take 40% fewer
sick days

are 87% less
likely to quit


become 12%
more productive

generate 37% higher sales revenue

But Better is Possible!

Soon ALL2 will introduce a uniquely employee-first solution to empowering workplace happiness.


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