Get rid of boring employee surveys and gain actionable insights to
improve happiness & values alignment with our fully-managed pilot

Employee Satisfaction Surveys don't work

Legacy ESATs just don't work

Legacy ESAT solutions are inherently flawed

When your organization is relying on you to deliver insights that impact employees, products, and customers, an antiquated Employee Satisfaction Survey simply won't do.

Your company culture, your Employee Experience, gives you a distinct competitive advantage that influences everything from retention to sales. Successful companies maximize this advantage by ensuring people, mission, and values are in alignment.

Now with ALL2, better is possible

ALL2 Employee Experience Program

Fully-managed solution with open, employee-first approach

ALL2 mobile screenshot

Everywhere you employees are

No downloads required - so every employee is heard regardless of equipment or location. We ask the right people, the right questions, at the the time to get to the heart of what really matters. 

ALL2 mobile screenshot

User Friendly

We're UX-optimized and fully-responsive to deliver the most engaging user experiences. We work with any device with interactive audio, video, & images - rather than boring plain-text inputs

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Fast & Fun

Our unique micropoll model delivers fun, bite-sized interactions that take just seconds to complete. Administered over time we collect more relevent data with minimal disruption

Delivered with insight

ALL2 - Real solutions

We deliver actionable insights - not data

We start each engagement with discovery workshops to learn about your unique goals, and tailor our approach to ensure we focus on what matters most.

We present results complete with solution recommendations that align to your people, product, and customer goals. This results in less time being spent by your team on trying to interpret results.

ALL2 empowers your organization to focus on actionable insights, complete with Executive, Manager, and Staff-level dashboards and reports straight out of the box. 

Further, our consultants will work your stakeholder team to provide training, coaching, presentations, and develop action plans for measurable results. 

We uncover trends others miss

Our micropoll model takes just seconds a day and is designed to be delivered over time. This allows us to make adjustments in flight, capture real trends (not snapshots), and normalize data so a single "bad day" doesn't skew results.

This approach improves participation, promotes honest feedback, and is easily repeatable to measure change.

Our analytics take employee mood into account, and finds the correlations that might link happiness and productivity with demographics, role, location, and more. All while preserving privacy and anonymity for everyone.

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Join The Program

We're building software that enables workplace happiness at scale. Along the way, we want to partner with select organizations looking to improve employee happiness, team cohesion, engagement, productivity, sales, hiring, and retention. We'll deliver big value (and big discounts) while the learnings we make will help improve our products for everyone.

Employee Experience Assessment

Tailored Program

30, 60, or 90-day program leveraging ALL2's mobile platform to ask the right people, the right questions, at the right time. We combine the best in modern tech with thoughtful question design that’s segmented by industry, role, & department. While our uniquely fun user experience ensures maximum participation. Using bite-sized interactions over time we are able to capture real trends – not just a single static snapshot.


Insights & Recommendations

An ALL2 pilot doesn't just result in another stack of charts - we use modern Data Science to analyze the data and ensure the things that matter bubble to the top. We find the correlations and root causes, and deliver reports showcase actionable insights and real-world recommendations all while keeping your employees 100% anonymous.


Team & Executive Presentations

As we build and refine a product that will eventually provide off this in software and at scale, our founders remain 100% hands-on. We'll present our findings and recommendations directly to your executive team, and can optionally lead staff presentations and help with implementing next steps.  


For info, a demo, or to get started contact us.
Email: info@all2.io

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our passion is company culture.

Our mission is to empower every workplace to be an amazing environment that's happy, healthy, and inspires the best in others. We help build and retain amazing teams, create fun offices, improve communication, and foster strong team spirit. We create alignment between your mission, values, and company culture to benefit people, product, and customers.

After all – we’re all in this together

Save time and money with a fixed price, fully managed solution including discovery, enrollment, & analytics

Leverage our in-depth expertise deploying culture by design across industries and at every stage of company lifecycle

Partner with people driven by a passion for corporate culture & building happy, healthy teams

Simplify your workflow with our unique, full-service engagement model focused on your needs free from internal bias

Benefit from higher participation with a modern platform and excellent user experience

Ask the right questions using our dynamic question systems & micro-tailoring

Maximize ROI through actionable insights that are focused on outcomes 

We begin every engagement with in-person discovery sessions so that we are aligned to your goals.

ALL2’s unique micropoll approach delivers fun, bite-sized interactions to your employees on a daily or weekly basis.

Our UX-optimized, fully-responsive UI supports all devices and focuses on interactive graphical questions (inc. audio, video, & images) rather than plain-text inputs.

We support all modern channels including email, SMS, QR Code, Slack, and more.

Running micro-surveys over time ensures we capture real-trends and normalize results so your data isn’t skewed by one bad day.

We are 100% dedicated to privacy and security, and believe that providing an anonymous (but verified) experience is key to ensuring high levels of participation and securing honest feedback from all participants.

Our standard engagement is fully anonymous and we guarantee to employees that we will not divulge any identifying information. Further we promise never to sell or share any data collected with 3rd parties for any purpose. 

Fully custom engagements can also be accommodated - please contact us for more information.

Learn nore about us and our promise.

A typical engagement spans 6-8 weeks and includes:

- In-person discovery and alignment sessions
- Custom designed micro-surveys with optional branding
- Employee enrollment, including in-person presentations to staff
- Micro-survey campaign (typically 4 weeks) with delivery via SMS, email, and/or IM
- Weekly in-flight status reports with opportunity to adjust approach as needed
- Analysis of data, and reporting that includes recommendations, executive summary, and dashboards
- In-person working session to review findings and recommendations, and optional presentation of results to staff

Depending on scale and complexity prices generally range from $5,000 - $25,000 (fixed cost, all inclusive).

We'd love to work with you!

Contact us to learn more or arrange for an initial consultation. Email info@all2.io or phone 206-747-1335

Or download the PDF Product Sheet to share with your team.

Proudly based in Seattle, WA

Contact Us:
Email:         info@all2.io